new vessels MV SCL BERN and MV SCL THUN


New vessels in the fleet


We are pleased to introduce as from 04.10.2006 MV "SCL BERN" and sister vessel MV "SCL THUN" to the Fleet of vessels. Both vessels are being delivered on abt 04th october 2006 in Kwanyang (S-Korea) respectively Tokyo. The intention is to keep one of them for interasia trading and to introduce one vessel into the European/USEC-Lakes trade.

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New Hamburg quay tariff


A new Quay tariff entered into force for the port of Hamburg on 01.08.2006, for further informations please contuct us.

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New Marpol Regulations




With effect from 19.05.2006 regulation 14 of MARPOL 73/78 ANNEX VI entered into force and requires all vessels to burn low-sulphur fuel in SOx Emission Control Areas (SECA). The first of these areas is the Baltic Sea SECA which became effective on 19.05.2006. The North Sea SECA will become effective on 22.11.2007. According to the above regulation, when a vessel enters a SECA, the sulphur content of fuel oil used on board must not exceed 1.5%.

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Lüddeke & Rehder GmbH becomes "Lüddeke ReedereiAgentur GmbH"


The Partners in Lüddeke & Rehder GmbH (Mr Torsten Lüddeke and Messrs Carsten Rehder GmbH ) after almost 14 years partnership, now concentrate 100% on their individual core business and split their shares.

This is officially effective as from 25/04/06. From this date, we naturally also changed our company name and e-mail address!

All the rest (street address / bankers etc.) remains the same. Both former partners continue to co-operate on the usual friendly basis and will also develope business of mutual interest in the future, wherever possible. Lüddeke ReedereiAgentur GmbH will continue to concentrate as Chartering Brokers and Agents in the port of Hamburg specialising on breakbulk-, project cargoes, as well as Agency work for Semi-Liner and Tramptonnage.


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